High Praise for Blandings

Productions February 18, 2014

The second series of Blandings, starring Timothy Spall and Jennifer Saunders premiered on 16th February on BBC1. Following a successful first series, fans and critics alike are already enjoying the follow-up season.

Here’s what the papers say:

“Crisp and sharp, with lovely performances all over the shop. A delightful piece of comic frippery that keeps well within the parameters of PGW’s spirit.” The Guardian

“If you must wind down with nostalgic mush populated by aristocratic nitwits, at least let these nitwits be the creations of PG Wodehouse… Blandings is a lot of fun.” Independent

“With Blandings principally consisting of posh people strolling about being aristocratically bonkers, these adaptations of PG Wodehouse are like watching an episode of Downton where everyone has been on the gin all night. Which actually makes it rather more entertaining.” Metro

“Proved perfect tea-time fare last year and returns for more ripping fun.” TV Choice

“A cheery dramatisation of PG Wodehouse’s classic Blandings Castle stories…Glorious, innocent fun.” Daily Mail Weekend

“The plot, with its tangle of imposters, chance encounters and double-crossing felt more like a tidy comedy of errors than messy juvenilia. Tim Vine, who replaced Mark Williams as stoic butler Beach, was a welcome addition, too, keeping the toffs out of trouble with thinly veiled disdain.” The Telegraph

“The comic tales form ancestral Blandings Castle hit the spot with audiences last years and viewers can’t lose with this cut glass cast.” Total TV Guide