Mammoth commissioned to make Black Work for ITV.

Company News August 15, 2014

ITV announced today that they have commissioned Mammoth Screen to make a new three part drama series entitled Black Work. The show will star Sheridan Smith (Cilla, The Widower, Mrs Biggs) as Jo Gillespie in the thriller written by Matt Charman.

“We’re delighted to be working with Sheridan Smith again and with the hugely talented Matt Charman” said Steve November, ITV Director of Drama Commissioning.

Black Work is a compelling three-part story which sees police officer Jo confront difficult truths about her family life and her marriage to Ryan. When Jo Gillespie’s husband Ryan, an undercover policeman, is shot dead in mysterious circumstances, she resolutely sets out to discover who murdered him. Mother to 7-years-old Melly and stepson Hal, Jo is emotionally distraught and heavily conflicted as she unravels the last six months of her husband’s life. She’s grieving and wracked with guilt following an attachment to Ryan’s colleague and fellow police officer Jack Clark, which puts further strain on her grieving family. Working out of a lock-up on a shadowy case for which no police department will take responsibility, Ryan has been watching a man recently released from prison. But why? And under whose orders?

Writer Matt Charman shed light on his inspiration for the drama: “Sheridan Smith is a dream to write for because as an actress there’s really nothing she can’t do. And Black Work is a story that pushes her to the limit – it makes her character, Jo Gillespie doubt herself, her family, her friends, everything she’s always taken for granted in her search for her husband’s killer.”

Michael Samuels (Bafta winning Any Human Heart and The Fear) directs; Tom Mullens (New Tricks) produces. Rebecca Keane and Damien Timmer executive produce for Mammoth Screen. Filming will commence this autumn in Leeds.