Acclaim for Remember Me

Company News November 26, 2014

Mammoth Screen are ecstatic with the response from viewers to their new drama, REMEMBER ME, which aired on BBC1 on Sunday 23rd November. The show gained 5.3m viewers and a 21% share which was up on the slot average by 0.3m viewers.

The show was also received well critically. Here’s what the papers say:

“A combination of clever direction, disorienting photography and a brilliant, subtle score that would none the less blast you with atonal blobs of sound from time to time meant that already Remember Me is proving distinctly hard to forget.” Telegraph

“It is fabulous full-on spooksville under an ominous black Yorkshire sky… I’m still dead scared though; hooked too. And I’m going to get that dripping tap in our bathroom sorted. Quick, before it’s too late.” Guardian

“For all its genuflections to old ghost stories, this is a thoroughly modern one. The benign Palin recast as a possibly homicidal octogenarian carries an allegorical punch.” The Times

“If you like a good psychological horror, Remember Me starring Michael Palin and Mark Addy is definitely for you. If not, maybe have a cushion at the ready to hide your face. You will be made to jump. A lot.” Metro

“We had wanted to sympathise with old Tom — suddenly we couldn’t trust anything he said or did. This was a brilliant, manipulative piece of casting. If Michael Palin is capable of being rude, he’s capable of anything.” Daily Mail

“The folk song “Scarborough Fair” made a great basis for a ghostly tale, as did the framed photograph of a small boy and the watery imagery of shorelines and dripping taps.” Independent

“It’s packed with proper, old-fashioned thrills – things really do go bump in the night. The sheer enjoyment of just giving myself up to having the hell scared out of me only focuses how much I’ve missed stories like this.” Radio Times

“With a strong supporting cast and eerie camera work, it’s the perfect chilling drama for cold winter nights.” TV Times

It’s a gentle start, but with unexplained deaths, Stephen King-style visions and enough shocks to have us watching through our fingers, this ghost story is every bit as scary as some horror movies.” Sun TV Guide

“With a surefooted script from Gwyneth Hughes and shot for maximum creepiness by director Ashley Pearce, this opening episode manages to make ghost story clichés feel fresh and genuinely unsettling.” Telegraph, Saturday Review

“Floors creak, lights flicker, taps drip and spines will be chilled to tremendous effect. MR James would be very impressed.” The Times, Saturday Review

“What it all means at this point, is anyone’s guess, but the brooding atmosphere and Palin’s performance are more than enough to keep us watching warily.” Mail on Sunday, Event

“Writer Gwyneth Hughes’s chilling ghost story in three parts features a tour de force from Michael Palin. Intelligently rationed moments of pure terror and a good script make this one to watch.” Observer

Remember Me also took Twitter by storm with fans stating they were “Completely hooked and unnerved”. This “proper scary”, “atmospheric and beautifully filmed”, chilling ghost story is surely not one to be missed!