Black Work is ITV’s best new drama of the year

Company News July 13, 2015

Black Work, Mammoth’s gripping three-part crime thriller written by Matt Charman (OUR ZOO), directed by Michael Samuels (THE FEAR, ANY HUMAN HEART) and starring Sheridan Smith, has been watched by 7.6 million people so far, with a 28% audience share. It is ITV’s most popular new drama of the year!

Leeds policewoman Jo Gillespie (Sheridan Smith) is shocked to the core when her husband, undercover policeman Ryan (Kenny Doughty), is killed in suspicious circumstances. The nature of the top secret operation he was working on when he died also means that a full investigation into his murder is obstructed by police chiefs DCI Will Hepburn (Douglas Henshall) and Chief Constable Carolyn Jarecki (Geraldine James). What begins as a painful murder enquiry for Ryan’s friends and colleagues uncovers some terrible secrets for Jo and her family. With the help of friend and colleague Jack Clark (Matthew McNulty) Jo is determined to find out the truth about her husband’s death.

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