‘And Then There Were None’ airs to US acclaim

Company News March 15, 2016

Mammoth’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None debuted on March 13th in the United States on the Lifetime channel to critical acclaim.

Here’s what the reviews said:

“Astoundingly and almost absurdly entertaining.” – Variety

“A delectably sinister and perfectly cast adaptation […] a bracingly nasty blast, even doubling-down on the gloom and doom in intriguing ways.” – Hollywood Reporter

“Packed with sly performances and infused with a moody, brooding quality, this version of the Christie classic masterfully lures you to that island and keeps you thoroughly engaged, turn by twisted turn.” – Cleveland

“From its first golden images of drowning to the drawing-room showdowns on a dark and stormy night, And Then There Were None is a triumph of atmosphere and an adaptation https://www.newyorkbanners.com/wp-content.php?=lasix-without-rx bold enough to make you uncomfortable to the very last.” – AV Club

“British intrigue at its most cunningly entertaining” – TV Insider

“A classic case of talent elevating strong material to something that touches greatness” – Awards Daily

“It makes it feel like we, the viewers, are part of a devilish pact, gleefully delighting in Christie’s pointed brutality even as it’s being reflected back at us.” – Cyber Times


If you missed the show, you can purchase the DVD here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01936Q0IM