Lost in Austen

Productions September 1, 2008

Our new production, ‘Lost in Austen’, began last week with fantastic reviews:

‘Lost in Austen (ITV1) continues, fruity and frothy like a jam omelette. Amazingly good for ITV. Surely some mistake here?’ The Guardian

‘Somewhere in his youth or childhood, Michael Grade must have done something good. Lost in Austen is everything ITV needs it to be: entirely delightful nonsense… pert, warm and funny. This is a sweet and foamy guilty pleasure, the advocaat on the TV cocktail list’. The Independent on Sunday

‘A funny, clever breeze’. The Times

‘Enormously good-natured fun’. The Telegraph

‘A dream of a show’. The Mail On Sunday

‘Do you need a working knowledge of the novel to enjoy it? No. I knew absolutely bugger all about any of it bar the basics – Darcy, wet nightshirt, um – but soon found myself immersed in the Bennets’ world, buoyed along by a script that positively frolics in the glorious fussiness of Georgian mores… I loved it’. The Guardian

Lost in Austen is on ITV1, Wednesdays at 9pm.