Bouquet of Barbed Wire press reviews

Productions August 1, 2010

“ITV1 scores again with the blistering finale of Bouquet of Barbed Wire… the tension wrought by festering secrets reaches an unbearable climax” – Jazz Jagger, Financial Times (Life & Arts)

“In our house we’re enjoying it hugely, but only once the children have gone to bed’ the casting is spot-on and the acting utterly splendid’ Guy Andrews has written excellent, and admirably sparse dialogue” – Brian Viner, The Independent

“I’m not ashamed, I watched all three episodes in one sitting. I loved it.” – Alison Graham, TV Editor of Radio Times

“If you want to call it new, Bouquet of Barbed Wire is ITV’s best new drama serial for a while. It has relentless pace, spiky dialogue, dark sexual motivations and heart-felt acting. Its twist shock because they aren’t signposted miles back” – Andrew Billen, The Times

“This superlative ITV drama is not to be missed…it’s weird, worrying and totally absorbing, with excellent performances from Trevor Eve, Tom Riley and newcomer Imogen Poots” – Grazia

“It will wrench your gut, break your heart and damn your eyes” – John Lloyd, Contributing Editor of Financial Times

“It was sharp too on the little duplicities as well as the big ones, the sins of omission between a husband and a wife. At the same time, Ashley Pearce’s direction ensured that a very effective tingle of disquiet ran throughout. The result was infinitely better than I ever imagined it could be” – John Preston, The Sunday Telegraph